Testimonials Client List
  • “Were fortunate to have had someone of Mr Finlayson’s professional expertise and credentials motivate the staff.”
    Deborah Musson, head of the human resources division, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority in Grand Cayman.

    “Spence is a master motivator whom I recommend without hesitation.His attention to detail and his ability to uplift and revive moral in companies and individuals alike is priceless.”
    Joseph P. Johnson, Executive Corporate Security Specialist, Baha Mar Ltd.

    “Spence is a focused individual who puts professionalism as the number one goal in any task that he undertakes. Spence brings a level of energy to all of his sessions that is unsurpassed by no one. I recommend Spence as top notch in his field.”
    Nickola Dawkins, President & CEO at IBIIS

    “It is not often you come across motivational speakers/trainers who are not only as energized during their training moments, but even in their ‘down’ time, still seeking to teach and motivate; Spence is one of those that fall into the latter category.
    The enthusiasm and energy he brings to the table is infectious and can only enhance any organization that is seriously committed to a holistic staff development and training program.”
    Richard Darville,Vice President, Claims & Support Services at Bahamas First General Insurance Company Limited

    “I have known Spence for many years. His enthusiasm for and committment to personal development has created the "Master Motivator" that he is. Honoring the process of self-inventory; even with the more "uncomfortable" tasks, have not deterred Spence as he challenges himself and all of us to "Dare to be Great!”
    Shawn Thomas, Marketing Consultant at MS Falcon Private Equity Group

    “Spence delivers a high level of training which is guaranteed to raise the level of professionalism of your staff.”
    Timothy Ingraham, FCII, Experienced General Insurance Professional

    “When the situation arise I will use Mr. Finlayson services in the future, I have always been impress with the Professional approach that Mr. Finlayson has always taken towards his craft”
    Kermit Romer, C E O at

    “Spence M. Finlayson is a well sought after motivational speaker and writer partly because he’s hilarious and partly because he’s an instructing exemplar of the craft. His wisdom transcends all others. His philosophical system of public speaking advice can only be exhibited, it cannot be taught. His videos on his website at exemplifies the fact. It was Mr. Finlayson’s persuasion and fervor that made me took notice. His statements are inducing, his arsenal is his passion, hence, I believed in his beliefs and became a disciple. If being a highly effective public speaker is also to be an actor, then Spence M. Finlayson president and CEO of the Phoenix Institute for Positive Development & Empowerment will certainly help you unravel the thorny issues on that complex journey on the stage of life.”
    Rebecca Theodore, Professional Writer & Public Speaker at Rebecca Theodore Professional Performance

    “Keep on touching lives my brother!”
    Freddy J Cooper, R/ Superintendent of Police, Royal Bahamas Police Reserves

    “I know Spence to be the best Master Motivator in the Western Hemisphere. His words of encouragement are second to none. Spence also has an eye for talent and likes to give persons the opportunity to show themselves and then he advises on how to be better than what they are. Spence is an A+ talent with an A+++ heart for his clients.”
    Youri Kemp, President, CEO at KEMP GLOBAL

    “Spence is an enthusiastic, Motivational Speaker. His sessions are engaging, interactive and informative. He empowers attendees with drive and excitement to Do Great things and start fresh after the seminar. A positive that benefits both the individual and the company for whom they work.”
    Alveta Stubbs Moss, Telecom and Customer Service Professional/Consultant

    “After a 4 course lunch, your energy Master Motivator was just what we needed. Great delivery and the information on the topic was well received and on point. As always you were in "Top Shape!”
    P Mo'Nique Johnson, Owner/Proprietor at Le'Chea's Boutique

    "What an accomplishment! You are such an inspiration. Congrats and continued success!"
    Trina Robinson, Former Anchor at NBCUniversal

    Rudy Stubbs, Former Chief Executive Officer at Bahamas Finance Dept.

    “ Another accomplishment by a dedicated Bahamian icon. SIR SPENCE, I am so proud of everything to do, you have that touch and everything you are doing to inspire, motivate and teach others. You touch it and it 'turns to gold!! Be encouraged in all that you continue to do, Blessings!”
    Elizabeth Ingraham

    "Like this..It shows your go for it approach, compelling others to pursue their dreams. Keep motivating.”
    Betsy Henfield-Duvalier, Public Relations Manager at PHA

    “Why not forever, I stand in agreement with you on this most powerful quote Mr. Finlayson people are you reading this post, let it settle in your bones people.” The powerful quote at this instant was,"LENT.....Lets Eliminate Negative Thinking for 40 days and beyond !"
    Rita LetgoandletGod Thompson,CEO/R/T'S ENTERPRISE LTD

    “You know you have always been my hero”
    Sidney Strachan

    “Truly a man committed to what he is born to do: speak and empower.”
    Kaylus Adams, Founder and CEO, Dialogues

    “Wonderful speaker,master motivator !”
    Rashad Amahad

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    bullet La Cabaña Resorts – Aruba
    bullet Divi Tierra Resorts – Aruba
    bullet American Life Insurance Co.
    bullet Nassau Flight Services Ltd
    bullet Cayman National Bank
    bullet Caymans Airways
    bullet Cayman Islands Customs Dept.
    bullet Cayman Islands Immigration Dept.
    bullet Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
    bullet Caribbean Utilities Company
    bullet Cayman Islands Telephone Co (Cable & Wireless)
    bullet Cayman Islands Hotel & Condominium Association
    bullet Cayman Islands Tourism Dept.
    bullet Antigua Commercial Bank
    bullet Antigua Telephone Co. (Cable & Wireless)
    bullet Royal Antiguan Hotel
    bullet Caribbean Pharmaceuticals
    bullet Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions
    bullet St. Kitts Telephone Co (Cable & Wireless)
    bullet St. Kitts Tourism Dept.
    bullet St Kitts Secretary Association
    bullet Fr. Young Hotel – Kitts & Nevis
    bullet Bahamas Electricity Corporation
    bullet G.R. Sweeting
    bullet Our Lucaya Resort & Casino
    bullet Water & Sewerage Corporation
    bullet Bahamasair
    bullet Carnival Crystal Palace Resort & Casino
    bullet Atlantis Resort & Casino
    bullet Royal Holiday Club
    bullet American Eagle
    bullet Mailboat Company
    bullet Dean’s Building Supplies
    bullet SG Hambros
    bullet Public Utilities Commission
    bullet Grand Bahama Royal Bahamas Police Force
    bullet Auditor General Dept.
    bullet Royal Bank of Canada –St. Kitts & Nevis
    bullet Barclay’s Bank – St. Kitts & Nevis
    bullet St. Croix Cable TV Channel 13
    bullet St. Marten Cable TV.
    bullet Dominica Water & Sewerage Co.
    bullet Treasury Department of St. Vincent & the Grenadines
    bullet Pictet Bank & Trust
    bullet Citco Fund Services
    bullet Amoury Company
    bullet Telecommunications of Dominica (Cable & Wireless)
    bullet Dominica Electricity Co.
    bullet Marphin Cable TV. Dominica
    bullet Curacao Corporative Credit Union
    bullet Princess Hotel & Casino – Curacao
    bullet Bahamas Telecommunications Company
    bullet Bimini Bay Resort & Casino
    bullet Dolphin Encounters
    bullet Bristol Wines & Spirits
    bullet Dept. Of Metereology
    bullet Min. Of Education
    bullet Chevron (Texaco)
    bullet Turks & Caicos – Airways
    bullet Turks & Caicos National Insurance
    bullet St Vincent & The Grenadines Customs & Excise Dept.
    bullet St. Vincent General Hospital
    bullet St. Vincent Telephone Co. (Cable & Wireless)
    bullet British American Insurance – St. Lucia
    bullet British American Insurance – ST. Vincent
    bullet British American Insurance – Aruba
    bullet British American Insurance – Curacao
    bullet Anguilla National Bank
    bullet Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association
    bullet Mariners Hotel – Anguilla
    bullet Bank Of The Bahamas
    bullet Ministry of Tourism
    bullet Workers Bank
    bullet Treasury Department of The Bahamas